About Us

Our History


BJ’s Buffalo Style Wings & Things has been serving the Memphis and Mid-South since 1993. The name BJ's came from our originators mother's name (Bettye Jean).

Our concept of Drive-Thru Buffalo Wing's was brainstormed by Lloyd Hastings when visiting one of  the local restaurants he managed in Memphis. "My office was in North Carolina, but I had two units that I was in charge of in the Memphis area. During that time we had customers requesting Buffalo Wings and I found that the demand was unbelievable. I did some research and off to the drawing board. Being that I'd managed multi-unit drive-thru's and knew the effectiveness was intense, I decided to incorporate the concept". Customers could receive a quality Gourmet Buffalo Wing that was normally served in a full service unit in a fast food setting.


In 2004, Lloyd & Lisa Hastings opened their first dine-in concept, a flavor of New Orleans decor, with a full service menu. The Hastings work diligently to ensure that their restaurants menu items are always good and customers are always satisfied.